Fuji Film Simulation Profiles

Modern Fujifilm cameras are renowned for their built-in film simulations, however only a handful of photo editors are capable of replicating them.

Presented here are a set of CLUTs (colour look up tables) that can be used by software such as Affinity Photo and RawTherapee. They have been created by photographing the HaldCLUT identity image with a Fuji XE2 and using the film simulations from Fujifilm’s own RAW FILE CONVERTER (RFC) along with a neutral reference (“Standard Color”).  They can produce very close results to the original simulations.

Included are the X-Trans II versions of Provia, Astia, Velvia, Classic Chrome, Pro Neg Std and Pro Neg Hi.

Download from Google Drive (preferred)
Download Direct

They will also soon be available in G’MIC which can be used both in GIMP and standalone.


Affinity Photo – create a LUT adjustment layer, select “Infer Lut” then select the identity file and in the second dialogue the desired simulation. You can then save the adjustment as a profile for quick access in the future. As it’s a layer you can blend/mask as desired.

RawTherapee – set up the main HaldCLUT package then go to the install location and add the profiles to a subfolder in the Color folder (also restart RT).


1. AP RAW -> AP + Velvia LUT -> Fuji RFC Velvia -> RFC neutral export + Velvia LUT. Exporting from RFC will give the most accurate results, converters like Affinity and RawTherapee produce slightly different base colours and tones and can lead to small differences in output.

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2. AP RAW + Classic Chrome LUT -> RFC Classic Chrome.

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3. AP RAW -> AP + ProNegHi LUT -> RFC ProNegHi.

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4. AP RAW -> AP + Classic Chrome LUT -> RFC Classic Chrome.

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3 thoughts on “Fuji Film Simulation Profiles”

  1. Hi! I shoot on canon and have a picture style (pf2 file) and wish to create a CLUT that emulates the picture style, is it possible to do so? If yes, how? Thanks.

    1. Hi Karan. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Canon Picture Styles (apart from what google has just told me!). If the software that uses them can load non-Canon images, the easiest way to do this is load the CLUT identity image (either from my download or the HaldCLUT link), apply the pf2 then export as a PNG.

      If that doesn’t work you can try a similar method to what I did for the Fuji sims but it’s complicated and requires a large print or calibrated screen and Affinity Photo. This post explains it: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/58984640

      Good luck!

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