Emsworth: Along The Shore

I took advantage of the good weather a few weeks ago and went for a walk along the Emsworth shoreline to test out my new Fujifilm X100F.  The light was excellent and the camera a joy to use.  I shot in Provia and most of these are OOC (out of camera) with just a few small tweaks.  I wasn’t a fan of Provia on my X-E2 but either my tastes have changed or Fujifilm have tweaked their film simulations and so far it’s proving to be very pleasing for a lot of uses.

In other news I’m setting up a new self-hosted gallery for all my images. You can find all the images for this post and a few more here!

2 thoughts on “Emsworth: Along The Shore”

  1. Hey! love these photos! What are your thoughts on the x100f for astrophotography? I really really want to pick this bad boy up so that I can have a smaller camera while backpacking, and I definitely want something that can at least do some long exposure stuff to capture stars 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks!

      I’ve only tried astro-photography once with the X100F and it did well – I’ve got a few photos here: https://photos.sowerby.me/index.php?/category/13-astro

      There was quite a bit of light pollution but with some image stacking I think the milky-way came out quite well. With decent a dark sky you should get some good results as long as you can fit your scene the 21mm frame!


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