2015 In Review

FUJIFILM X-E2 XC 230mm f7.1 1/2048s "Anxiously Waiting"

I’ve owned various cameras over the years but only ever used them for holiday snaps and family pics, however 2015 was when my photographic adventure truly started helped in no small way by photochallenge.org, which I have entered every week since the start of the year.  The other major inspiration was my camera, the Fujifilm X-E2, which not only produces fantastic images but makes the whole experience of taking a picture an absolute joy.  It feels like an extension of myself and I don’t believe I could have experienced that with any other camera.

Here are my favourite shots from the year to give you a taste of where I have come from and what I hope to build upon in this blog in 2016!

If you liked what you saw I hope you can join me in 2016 as I take my photography to new and exciting places!