Kingley Vale

Kingley Vale has been on our list of places to visit for years, but despite it being less than 20 minutes away we only got around to going recently.

It’s an ancient forest and hill that provides some great views of the surrounding area, and is a great day out with the kids if they’re good walkers; the woods start about a mile from the car park and the trail to the hill can be narrow and winding. ¬†Once you get through it though there are some lovely spots for picnicking and otherwise enjoying the setting. We’ll be planning a return trip in the autumn to see what colours it brings.


Stonehenge, a small circle of old stones in the middle of a field, must be one of the most photographed places in the world. It does look diminutive from the road but when you finally get up close you can really appreciate the impressive scale and ancient legacy of the site.

This was a family day out first and foremost, but even though every nook and cranny has been explored by far more skilled photographers I hoped to come away with my own take.

There is a common opinion among picture-takers online that the view is ruined by all the tourists and it was indeed busy when we got there. I quickly realised however that the people, admiring the stones and absorbing the atmosphere, are actually an integral part of the experience so this is where I tried to focus my captures.

Some are best viewed on a large screen.