Sunday stroll in Bosham

Kids looking looking over wall
FUJIFILM X-E2 XC 50.0 mm f5.6 1/550s Cheeky Children

Another brief post for this week, April is proving to be a busy month. We took a blustery walk along the coast at Bosham at the weekend. Since my March assignment entry I’ve been enjoying black and white again so here are two colour and three B&W.

Kids standing on bench
FUJIFILM X-E2 XC 35.5 mm f6.4 1/850s Cheeky Children
Bosham Marina
FUJIFILM X-E2 XC 16.0 mm f5.0 1/600s Bosham
Through a hole in the wall
FUJIFILM X-E2 XC 34.0 mm f5.0 1/320s Opposites
Looking out on Bosham Harbour
FUJIFILM X-E2 XC 32.5 mm f6.4 1/480s Gazing Out