Emsworth Sign
FUJIFILM X-E2 XF 18mm f2.0 1/32s Emsworth Train Station

Week 2 of my month in monochrome, and I’m not quite sure where it went. Lacking inspiration after last week I decided to begin shooting some of my daily commute. It takes a large part of my day and I feel it will be the hardest part of my year of challenges to capture.

This is especially true in January, where I leave and return home in the darkness. Emsworth Station is where I start my journey; a quaint if run-down little stop.

Emsworth Station Tunnel
FUJIFILM X-E2 XF 18mm f4.0 1/128s Emsworth Train Station

I could write many words about the Southern Trains service that eventually gets me to my destination but not many of them would be nice, needless to say it’s a journey I tolerate rather than enjoy!

Emsworth Approaching Train
FUJIFILM X-E2 XF 18mm f2.8 1/128s Approaching Train

Horsham is a much larger and busy station being one of the major stations on the mainline out of London.

Horsham Station Trains
FUJIFILM X-E2 XF 18mm f2.0 1/16s Horsham Train Station

I’ve found B&W a little frustrating this week as although we’ve had plenty of grey days there have also been some amazing colours and light which was a shame to have missed. The temptation has been strong to set my camera back to Classic Chrome.

Stairs to the platform
FUJIFILM X-E2 XF 18mm f4.0 1/32s Horsham Train Station